An intuitive open source platform to build smart assistants with Rasa

$ npm install -g botfront
Or check the documentation

Build accurate NLU Models

Efficient annotation, immediate feedback as you type, powerful filters to explore your dataset, configurable training pipeline, all the visual tools you need to build large production grade Rasa models.


Actionable evaluations

Use different evaluation strategies as your model matures and receives more user generated data. Aggregate metrics, detailed reports and actionnable insights help you pinpoint annotation errors and monitor the performance of your models.

Dialogue and content management

Drive the conversation

Write and train your conversations from our intuitive interface. Organize your stories into groups you can train separately.

And more...


Make your bot a world class citizen and train it to speak as many languages as you need

BUILT-IN Analytics

Know what your users are chatting about. Botfront comes with a built-in Chatbase integration

On Prem

Botfront can be installed on your infrastructure and does not depend on external services. It is natively GDPR and HIPAA compliant


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